The Top Ten Reasons I Hate Spongebob

Edit as of 3/30/2016:

I know I said I was going to leave this post alone, and leave all comments intact and all that, but… It turned into a breeding ground of hate from one single person who apparently has no life. No need for me to call them out – they know who they are.

I’m tired of my e-mail getting filled with messages saying that you posted something completely fucking rude on a blog I made when I was a teenager. So, yes, I went through the trouble of reactivating my WordPress account four and a half years later just to fix this problem.

I have grown up a lot in the last four years – but not everyone has, apparently.

169 comments from the same person.

Homophobic slurs are NOT okay with me, even as a joke. It’s no different than racism or any other type of hate speak, and guess what, you fucking moron, I am a lesbian – what kind of shitty person really has fun insulting people over the internet for shits and giggles? And with homophobic comments on a lesbian’s site.

Ah… To be five years old again.

Grow up.