The Top Ten Reasons I Hate Spongebob

Edit as of 3/30/2016:

I know I said I was going to leave this post alone, and leave all comments intact and all that, but… It turned into a breeding ground of hate from one single person who apparently has no life. No need for me to call them out – they know who they are.

I’m tired of my e-mail getting filled with messages saying that you posted something completely fucking rude on a blog I made when I was a teenager. So, yes, I went through the trouble of reactivating my WordPress account four and a half years later just to fix this problem.

I have grown up a lot in the last four years – but not everyone has, apparently.

169 comments from the same person.

Homophobic slurs are NOT okay with me, even as a joke. It’s no different than racism or any other type of hate speak, and guess what, you fucking moron, I am a lesbian – what kind of shitty person really has fun insulting people over the internet for shits and giggles? And with homophobic comments on a lesbian’s site.

Ah… To be five years old again.

Grow up.


34 thoughts on “The Top Ten Reasons I Hate Spongebob

  1. OMG You don’t like Spongebob? I mean the reasons above are the top ten reasons to like it! That and the fact the he says to Mrs Puff ‘See you Next Tuesday’ in one episode and they left it in. SBSP is subversive!

    • Important to note that I have no control over who up-votes/down-votes… Only comments… Which all get approved, unedited, as I mentioned in the original post.

    • I understand you dude I have the same 100% feelings about sponge bob as you do I fucking hate watching it but since I have a nephew who comes to my grandmothers house every schoolday see since he’s a kid and I’m older my grandmother gives him what he wants so if I’m watching the walking dead she’s going to change it period. It’s stupid as fuck and I don’t like anything about it if you like it your stupid and just like stupid shit and you know I’m right but your to stupid to realize it your right 100% this shows stupid in so many ways😒

  2. I used to like it. I hate it now. They pretty much ruined it for me. I feel that they rushed in making the new episodes. There’s no point of the new ones and they have horrible story lines. Spongebob is more irritating than ever, to the point that if I was there with him, I would actually want to punch him in the face. He’s oblivious to everything and I feel sorry for Squidward. Patrick is dumber and more mean to Spongebob. He used to be so nice to him, now I can’t stand him. Mr. Krabs is even more greedier than ever. All he cares about is money. Squidward yells to much and is a complete jerk. He’s worse than he was in the earlier episodes. Mrs. Puff irritates me also. How much hatred can she have for one student? It’s pathetic. She’s so rude to Spongebob. I hate every time she appears in an episode. All the characters were ruined.

    • FYI, The Turth, I can relate to that octopus because I’ve also goen through similar things that he has gone through. You, o nthe other ahnd, can’t becauser you don’t know what it’s like to be tortured by being wh oyo uare.

      How dare you try to and get me to ba ashamed. I can like and relate tyo whoever I want. It’s me right to.

      Antoehr reason that I can relate to Squidward is because not many people appreciarte and understand folks like me. You see? In this day and age, most people prefer troublemakers like SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, and other extroverts while bullying the hell out of introverts. And I’m fed up with those kinds of people becuase they have no respect for those who are different from them. I should know as I have been bullied a lot for that reason.

  3. This show is dumb.
    Did you know that this was once suppossed to be a comedy for older children and adults, like Family Guy? Yeah. Not going to happen.
    As my little brothers sit and watch the show right now, I begin to question why the hell it was put on air in the first place. It’s annoying. It’s dumb. And it provides nothing except for drawing you to the TV.
    Every time I watch the show, I realize the plots are extremly repetitive. Either Spongebob plays and/or fights with Patrick, something happens at the Krusty Krab, he goes to boating school, he goes to catch jellyfish, he plays with his snail, or he annoys the crap out of Squidward. And nothing bad ever happens to him. He’s living in a perfect world.
    And the laugh annoys the living crap out of me. Hell, the show annoys the living crap out of me. My brothers are watching the show right now, and Spongebob is singing, “I’m ready, I’m ready, to go to work!” and laughing in that dumbass laugh of his.
    The show started out on the “Okay, maybe I’ll watch this if nothing else is on” line. But now it’s just a grab for cash. Most of the diolague will only please a young child, and lots of the charechters are just thrown together, as if there was no planning whatsoever on their part.
    The only highlight of the show is Patrick. I see a little bit of Homer Simpson in him, which is always a good thing.

    • Again, you’re lie about me, The trtuh. Sicne when is it wrong to hate Homer Simpson? Everyoen has the right to. And just because someone doens’t have the same opinion as youy, you go ahead and make false assumptions about people who differ from you. What a biased and disrespectful oaf you are.

      For your information, Hitler did a lot of bad things. He thoguht that he ahd good intentions. But he didn’t. In other words, he thoguht that he was being good but he wasn’t.

      I, on other hand, am nowhere near worse than Hitler. Unlike him, I’m an anti-hero. You see?

    • And another thing, The truth: I’m aware of my imperfections and am by no means a goody-goody, which is what SpongeBob. It’s just that everyone in day and age prefers major troublemakers to their opposites. And that’s what sickens me.

  4. The #1 reason I hate Sponbebob is that there’s been a huge downfall in character development. Seasons 1-3 are the only good seasons because after the movie in Season 3, the creator tried to end the series. When Nickelodian refused, he quit. The show wend down from there. As for the lack of character development, take Squidward. He used to be a washed-up man who hated his job and lacked the fingers/talent to play the clarinet, but all the bad things that happened to him were brought on by himself. Now, he’s a snobbish loser that everyone hates with a passion, even if he did nothing to deserve it. This kind of thing seems to be happening more often.

  5. Although I’m pleased that you’re a SpongeBob hater like I am, I want to point out to you that Squidward and Plankton don’t deserve to be hated because they became more sympathetic and likeable as I read in another website. And you know what? I agree with whoever posted that info in that other site.

    You ought to see all the bad stuff Krabs did. One of them is drive Plankton to suicide, although he thankfully failed at it. It’s just sickening to see what that crustacean did and does for money. Why, he reminds me of my dad in that sense.

    Due to the jerk who Mr. Krabs became, I like Plankton and hate him. Besides, that crab’s rival isn’t as bad as him due to having more standards.

    As for your calling Mrs. Puff a delusional psychotic, you oughtta ashamed of yourself for that. It seems to me that you’re just as much of a hypocrite as UndividedAttention. SpongeBob is the true delusional pyschotic, especially due to what he does to Squidward. You should experience what she experiences whenever that sponge comes into her life. I know what it feels like for someone to irritate me beyond belief as I’ve experience it many times.

  6. I love Spongebob but the only thing I have a problem with is Pearl. I hate her she’s so whinny, bratty, and Just plan mean and annoying like her friends. I feel sorry for what her and her friends did to squidward’s ear.

  7. I completely agree with you, but I could never come up with a list of ten detailed reasons why I hate spongebob, thank you for the post!

  8. I’m 27, I’m the CTO for a multinational fiduciary firm and I LOVE Spongebob. I hope you come to the light soon 🙂 ( Evil laugh)

  9. I dont see why you even have to watch it. And i also dont understand why its such a big deal. If people like it, let them like it. Theres no reason to want to take it off the air if you dont like it. I can agree with some points, but that doesnt mean you can make it bad for the little kids who enjoy it.

    • In case you didn’t notice, anon, a study back in September 2011 shows that SpongeBob SquarePants makes children’s minds decline. And I agree with it. The people who disagree it are blind to see the bad effects of that show.

      After all, SBSP is too overrated, too much cash cow, and is an example of why Nickelodeon and most of television isn’t as good as it used to be. Hell, I’m ashamed that the people who work at that channel are too dependent on it.

  10. I’m not understanding how your reasoning for not liking sponge bob is any different than any other cartoon. In Tom and Jerry, cats and mice actually beat each other with hammers or in the road runner can a coyote actually order things on the Internet? In Dora, animals talk and help solve riddles, and even steal things! I don’t believe they do that on actual life. I think cartoons are created for a child’s entertainment and to enhance their imagination. Those are your reasons for not liking spongebob. Spongebob was created for entertainment and obviously it doesn’t entertain you like duck dynasty doesn’t entertain me! I see your point in all ten reasons. But they are only your opinion not reasons a child or anyone else shouldn’t watch it.

  11. Even though I’m glad that I hate SpongeBob SquarePants as much as you do, I don’t think that website’s acceptable because of its disturbing humor, which is lots of what that dang Nicktoon has. If you’re a true SpongeBo bhater, then please don’t dabble in very disturbing content. After all, that site isn’t my kind of anti-SpongeBob website.

  12. Anonymous, I’m sorry you feel so strongly about me, I’m sorry that I’m “an excuse” because I haven’t made it my entire life’s goal to hate Spongebob. But if we fanatically bash, hate, and cultify the hatred… We’re no better than them. I don’t know about you, but I’m not trying to obsess over Spongebob in ANY way. That’s exactly what my initial post was about. And honestly, I think you’re a tool.

  13. FYI, Babz, I don’t feel that strongly about you. Who I do feel strongly about are people who are so obsessed with SpongeBob that they take it out on people who hate it. And I’m fed up with them.

    You see? SpongeBob seems to be a tool for extreme extroversion. And there seems to be too much of it in this world. Why, I see as it as trying brainwash others into being extroverts, which I’m not.

    When I was younger, I’ve been antagonized by extroverts. Therefore, I favor introverts because I can relate to them. Besides, it seems that many extroverts treat introverts as outcast by forcing them to either to conform to their standards or die. For example, I’ve seen some blind extrovert lie about introverts and another express wanting to beat up introverts for changing the world. Such small-minded jerks they are.

    For a long time, extroverts have dominated this world and bullied introverts. And that’s why I have strong resentment for those people. I also have strong resentment for people who are biased towards Mrs. Puff, Squidward, and Plankton as if they’re real people. For example, I saw some people wanting to kill Squidward just for reading SpongeBob’s diary in public.

    As for for anti-SpongeBob people being no better than anti-anti-SpongeBob people, that’s goody-goody talk. Sometimes people have to fight back against the fanaticism of that stupid Nicktoon. In other words, they must defend themselves from people who try to shove their opinions down other people’s throats.

    About that not fighting back thing, that’s pacifism. And I’m against it because it for goody-two-shoes, which I’m not. You see? Pacifists use pacifism as an excuse to allow bad people to walk all over good people and take advantage of them. One time, it brainwashed me. But not anymore.

    And how dare you call me a tool! It’s the SBSP fanatics who are tools because they get all bent out of shape about SpongeBob haters when they should leave them alone.

    If you call me a tool ,then you’re just as bad as me. Before, you apologized to me. Next you call me that T-word. Hypocrite much?

    But if you want me to have a civil discussion with you, then you take back the nasty things you typed. And if you do, I’ll likely take back the nasty things that I typed about you.

    And for the record, I don’t obsess over SpongeBob SquarePants. If I did, I’d love it to pieces. But I don’t and never will.

    Another reason why I have a humongous hatred of that show is because one of my cousins, who’s male like me, pressured me into owning a SpongeBob DVD that I didn’t want. And my dad, who’s a hostile extrovert, sided with him. Luckily, I gave that disc away.

    Now that I got that off my chest, can you please not try and make me feel that I have no right to express my hatred of that program? I’m just getting rtiredof how long that Nicktoon lasts and all the fanaticism for it.

  14. anonymous you know nothing about this person for all you know it could be 5 year old in the middle east that does not get any channels but nickelodeon for 1 hour a day which happens to be when SpongeBob is on. Why do you get to judge, in your comment you could replace hate with love and your argument would be on his side

  15. wow, anonymous! i’m amazed by how long of post you made that. you seemed to to be on a roll against that anti-anti-spongebob crap! i wish that there are more people like you. hell, i’d love to see you kick the ass of your down voter.

  16. how ironic you, anonymous htaer, are that you blame anonymous for judgmental when you’re being judgmental yourself. if you hate him, then don’t post here!

    but since you hate anonymous, he and i hate you in return. and like what he may have told one of his enemies, don’t post if you don’t like what people post on here.

  17. Dude it’s a cartoon. Sandy is underwater because its a cartoon. She wears a “space suit” (according to u) because she can’t breath under water. So she wears that so she can breath. Stop thinking negative because spongebob is one of the best shows. So I don’t know what your talking about. And oceans actually have like little rivers at the bottom of it. So there for the beach is there. And I got really mad when I read the buns should get soggy. Dude really? It’s a cartoon. And Patrick being a idiot is one of the reasons the show is funny. So go back to your room and play with your dolls

    • Do me these favors:

      1. Shut the fuck up about SpongeBob haters.

      2. Don’t assume that any haters have dolls ’cause you don’t know if they do.

      3. Ignore the haters.

      4. Quit bein’ a baby about haters bitchin’ about SpongeBob SquarePants.

      If you think that Patrick’s bein’ an idiot is funny, then you’re as fucked up as hell. That dumb-ass has become a fuckin’ troublemaker throughout the series. And I agree with all the people who have pointed that out.

      It makes no fuckin’ difference is SBSP’s a cartoon. Everyone has the right to hate it. Whether you like it or not, haters of it will always exist.

      If you ask me, you’re a sense of humor is as shitty as hell. Seriously, do you think that being an asshat is funny, you have shit for brains.

      So shut the fuck up and let SpongeBob haters be.

    • a sponge cant breath underwater duphus. also they would all be crushed by the pressure

  18. Gee, I didn’t realize there were people that hated Spongebob (and seemingly people who enjoy Spongebob) with such vehemence. I love Spongebob when the show is at it’s best. I find that huge rant someone posted about introversion and extroversion a little disturbing because I too am an introvert and yet I don’t see Spongebob to be a part of some heinous extrovert agenda. I also have close friends who are both introverts and extroverts – it’s the about the person, not their personality type. Just because you’ve had terrible experiences with introverted people doesn’t mean they’re all douchebags and dudebros.

    If anything, I see it as a show that promotes individuality because Spongebob, while outgoing, is incredibly unique and what many would consider a weirdo. He’s innocent and well-intentioned despite being an asshole sometimes. I think anyone who’s ever felt different or ostracized should be able to relate to Spongebob a little bit. To me he reads like an idiot savant and the show and it often blurs the lines on whether Spongebob is actually an idol or an outcast in his community.

    He’s also quite serious and borderline OCD about certain things despite being outwardly flamboyant and silly in his mannerisms – making him less two-dimensional than some would suggest. The show has also called forth hoopla due to his questionable sexuality and I actually think that’s awesome.

    It’s sweet that he isn’t afraid to embrace what society would consider to be childish and ultimately he just wants everyone to be happy and have fun – I know that’s a hard concept for some to grasp. My point is that the character of Spongebob seems to represent the part of society that is judged and oppressed for not “fitting in” or going along with typical gender roles and stereotypes. To hate him on the basis of promoting an oppressive mindset against introverts seems terribly misguided – but that’s just my opinion on that.

    And the whole point of the show is for it to be wacky, so….I don’t know what people are expecting when they say stuff like, OMG, why is he a sponge, why is a squirrel under water!? Such blasphemy, kill the gays! (okay, that last part isn’t relevant but I was reminded of that kind of crazed bigotry by reading this article and some of the comments.)

    I think it’s a cute, funny show and while it’s true that newer seasons have lost a lot of heart and charm, it’s not fair to write off the entirety of the series. Some episodes are good, some are brilliant, some are horrible – it’s a missed bag much like the Simpsons.

    I get that it’s just not going to be the cup of tea for some, no matter how you spin it, but some of the reasons illustrated for hating it seem rather absurd.

  19. I also despise Spongebob, but I thought your list of reasons was kind of weak. I don’t have 10 reasons to like it, but point #7 is the meat of my reasons for disliking it – the characters suck – which ties in nicely with point #6 – you don’t have to watch to be annoyed, just listening is enough.

  20. Anonymous – ALL of you, since I’m pretty sure it’s been the same IP every time I get a comment notification – WHY ARE YOU STILL COMMENTING?! I don’t even run this blog anymore. I made this post when I was a teenager ffs. And you act like you still ARE a teenager. Also, your homophobic comments are NOT appreciated – get a hobby!! One that doesn’t involve being a complete dick to people on the internet!

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